Interesting story – Please don’t bribe Yesterday, 29th September it was a routine day with lot of travelling and meetings as usual. Since I used to have driver for my vehicle earlier, I have better temperament towards traffic signals, fortunately. I do not accelerate with seconds closing in or on orange light usually, unlike before. Interesting incident about yesterday was the fact when a traffic cop assumed I had jumped a signal and approached. Upon being convinced that I actually had not jumped the signal, he tried pointing out towards other issue. While the issue was definitely legitimate, but I am certain majority of vehicle owners must not be aware of the same. The only awareness I had, was the penalty information for offence which cannot be “exorbitant”. I was asked to pay a fine of Rs. 1000… All I knew was for lack of vehicle reverse etiquettes; I hopefully shouldn’t be fined for Rs. 1000.  All I knew was the fine amount may not be actually Rs. 1000 (and even if it was, I would pay it at the collection office) and that I will not pay cash without valid chalan. That too, after allowing motorists to jump signal on the other side of the road, when it was my turn.

see url As it turned out, the modest traffic cop wasn’t keen to give me the receipt and I was not ready to pay any amount lesser than Rs. 1000 (without chalan). “Considering this as first time offence, I was absolved by the modest cop and I thanked him gracefully”.

الخيارات الثنائية استراتيجية سحب السوق We both knew how and what transaction was expected and there was bound to be disappointment for one of us. Fortunately, it was my turn not to be disappointed this time. Further (if you have time to read)

go to site I have spent time assisting traffic cops, though for a very brief period of time on certain occasions. Most often, it is indeed the offender who argues and wants to evade the signal, rules and eventually getting the chalan. The first action is denial, then rebellion and then persuasion towards discounting. We often conveniently forget who the offender is but are quick to jump on the conclusion; who’s the corrupt. It is the chasm within which we find others to fill, and blame.

The bond of faith

IMG-20150302-WA0005 IMG-20150302-WA0007خدمه-تداول-الاسهم-السعوديه-تداول-اسهم-السعوديه Year 2014, a dynamic year in my life, wherein my better half visited USA for long term and I decided to take several path breaking changes in my life. To start with, decision to be away from spouse itself was a bold decision. Secondly I decided to move to owned apartment which was in an absolute secluded and underdeveloped satellite area. This move also unfortunately ensured distancing from mom & me, and me from myself, unintentionally. But it had its own damage, only to be discovered over a period of time. Soon I realized, being with the same organization is not helping me achieve the goal I intended to achieve, hence I quit the same.

get link Giving a fresh start or as I call it, a paradigm shift once again to my career path, I had a new beginning. In all these variations and deviations, I could see the alienation from regular course of life activities and everydayness. Friends, family, spouse, inner peace, none of them were at resonance anymore. My irritation was not with the current state, but the inability to find a solution and also what was the real reason behind this entrapment. Just then, it was one off period, when you’re suddenly active on social site or any particular activity like a sudden rise and fall in the tidal movement. I invariably made some new friends and preferences. I am sure you might be able to relate with it. During this period, I came across a person from social site who incidentally was from the same locality where I lived. As much as I was interested to meet this person and know more with curiosity, little did I know was the big surprise. Enter Daniel, the 1.5 yrs old Rottweiler, the massive ferocious pet this person had. I could not have got a better de-stresser and piece of joy.

Luckily, the age group and interests weren’t not too uncommon and I was able to spend substantial time with this wonderful family of 3 (husband wife and Daniel). There are times you connect with people and become friends due to ideas, need and environment, but for me it was the attraction of Daniel which prompted and ensured regular visits. Over a period of time we became better friends now. It is funny to describe to someone, how I got to know someone on a social networking site just little over a year ago and now we are more than friends, sharing and comfortable sharing every possible activity and secret of our lives.

Those random walks with Daniel, movie plans with husband-wife, meat shopping for Daniel L and jumping in stray ponds with Daniel, activities performed never before, these were my serendipity moments and of course I enjoyed them. Had it not been for Daniel’s unconditional love, had it not been for my short term activeness on social site, had it not been for the positive thoughts shared with the couple, none of this would’ve occurred. Sometimes, these lighter moments help and make noticeable contributions in day to day life.

While rest all matters of inner peace was far from attainment but at-least as of date, I have a direction to work upon. All I have is faith and hope, which I have come to realize how small touch points can contribute and make difference in life. Faith makes it possible. And I surely have a live (Daniel) inspiration to look up to.