Reality bites…A social experiment – Which had to fail!!!!

اسعار الاسهم اليوم في سوق أبوظبي reality_is_a_state_of_mind

enter It has been my observation for almost few years (between 4 & 6) wherein I’ve realised that often we have and make several friends, of course over a period of time. I can call this as timestamp activity of our lives. During this period, the person or persons could definitely mean a lot or could be the embedded entity as a passing phase. No rocket science here 🙂

الأوروبية وسطاء الخيارات الثنائية However, not everyone is lucky and have the ability to move on or rather keep moving on. For some, they still find it difficult to accept the diminishing existence of what once used to be an important circle in their life. Times change and so do the priority and interests and the need to have someone nearby. What matters is, can everybody easily forget the entity and timestamp (of their life) when someone meant something (if not everything) to you? Answer is surprisingly – a very very big YES!!

ثنائي التبادل العالم الخيار طرق لربح المال المزيف We must have learnt to entomb the past except for acts and emotions which were hurtful; therefore we see more violence today than peace and often by the ones who might have been even not be a witness to the overall violence and hatred around. Well that’s a different subject matter altogether. I conducted a small experiment of randomly getting in touch with few people or friends who must have been good pals or must have spent a considerable amount of time in the past with me. The results were not at all astonishing. منصات خيار ثنائي في المملكة المتحدة The results just re-enforced that some people, like me, continue to live in coma and have severe inability or deficiency towards “move on man” syndrome. While the social media image still continues to portray the presence of some hundreds of friends (no doubt they are friends and family), the reality remains and reminds you that priorities change, time is only the sweet entity which is made the scapegoat here. As rightly said, one must learn to identify and rectify his mistakes, and, that is called development, I assume. Sometimes, dreams are best when seen while in sleep, remembering them otherwise may not often become hurtful. A, B, C…. and eventually X, Y and Z, all the phases of life- got over or will eventually will, there will be people who would be the lovely co-passengers during this journey. Some will get quiet close and others might just be acquaintance. For how long should we keep clinging on to the seat of this co passenger? The others have learnt to move on, it is time I must too…