Blissful Louisville evenings and flashback in childhood!!!

Summer of 2016
Summer of 2016 All those people who were born in and before the eighties or up to early nineties would relate with this article. “The biggest gift” we got while we were young (in age) and in teenage was the lack of technology. To rephrase it in better way would be; lack of modern day applications and especially internet, which paradoxically gave us the opportunity to live inموقع-شركة-ايزي-Ùوركس real world, rather than relying on virtual reality.

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كيف تربح بعض المال الإضافي Television had just 2 channels, mind was prepared to be happy with what was available and offered by them. Now, with over 200 channels, it takes hours to recognize how confused we are what we intended to see in first place. Lack of mobile phones and social (or rather anti-social) applications ensured that we were connected to near and dear ones “face to face”. When words like “tag” and “poke” had literal physical meaning. When parents wanted to GPS (track) their kids, which meant go here “go play safe”, the only tracker was go to link الخيارات الثنائية ائحة الاتحاد الأوروبي faith, which magically worked, always. “ go to link World was safer, back then”.

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go here The most interesting feature was the evening time. The only available & limited time, which felt hours passing by as minutes. This was the most valuable time where all the practical lessons of life were learnt indeed; as if it were the playground of life… Fights, friends, conflicts, emotions – all of it existed together and were resolved at the very same place and same times, often. Neither there was scope, nor need to carry the baggage of redundant emotions while returning back home. كيف اشتري اسهم بالبنك الراجحي خيار ثنائي الإغلاق المبكر Letting GO, was a manageable affair those days, and it came so naturally upon us. Though the depressing time was the source url buzzer time, to go home, it was interesting how it existed. Cause we never had mobile phones or pagers and every watch displayed a different time as per the owners convenience which we kids conveniently ignored if left at our own will 🙂 . As ‘evening dawned’ (which can be called as dusk in easier terms) we knew the time to go home is coming nearer. The buzzer time was never really the buzzer but the street light. Yes, street lights. They could never be wrong and later than THE TIME TO GO HOME! It always felt as if they were programmed and managed by some group which must have been the association of parents who were determined to see their kids sad, since it was time to square off the play and go back home. As time went by, and years passed on, liberty to stay out for longer hours came naturally; and time-line kept getting extended. However, still, till date – every dusk, my mind tells me “it’s time to get home” and sometimes it is a good feeling. Because that means there is a home and someone might be waiting back there.

click here I still remember those long summer evenings, which were also the time of the year when we got the summer break from schools. It was the wonderful time to visit native place and have mangoes. My all time favorite has been the Alphonso mango, as rights called as the king of mangoes. Now that I spent my second consecutive summer in Louisville, the evening here are long and you can see the sun go down at 9:30 PM… WOW what a feeling… The child in me just elates every-time to watch the sun go down so late.. I wish this was the case when I was a kid, but the good thing is the child in me is still alive and loves this experience!!!