To be or not to be? (“different”)

The world is all but differences. We first realise the meaning of difference (science says when a person (tot) is between the age of 4 to 6 yrs , he/she starts understanding the difference between between sexes and personalities, then as we grow older Рwe appreciate differences. We then anticipate and demand difference Рin organizations and for businesses. Till here the story seems perfect.

Then the chemical imbalance in our head starts taking charge and we leave¬†friends and life partners for having “differences”.. Then we part ways with people, organization and countries for having differences. This also seems moderate, unfortunately.

Welcome 21st century, we are up in arms and ready to kill (& hence die) for having differences (example religions).

I knew it, humans were always the most mixed (messed) up species and planet’s perfect way to churn (& burn) itself. Unfortunately, there are several and millions of other species to suffer and pay a price for this..

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